This is the survey I will distribute to homeroom classes in the coming weeks. Items are adapted from the 'Intercultural Attitudes' pre- and post-tests developed by scholars participating in the "Red Internacional de e-Culturas," hosted by the U. of Jaen (the original is here: ideo/jornadas/recursos/ actasConISBN.pdf), and from ideas consistently mentioned in interviews with students participating in my study.

The questionnaire was distributed to one homeroom class of first-year students as a trial run, and several items were changed according to their reactions and feedback on the forms. The Likert Scale included in this version (thumbs up and thumbs down symbols) was selected after noticing that students in the test group had a hard time understanding how to use the numbered scale on the trial draft of the questionnaire.

The first-year group was chosen to test the questionnaire to help make sure that the prompts were as clear as possible, even for younger students. Like most homeroom classes at this school, this one included a representative number of Spanish and foreign-born students.

The questionnaire is intended to assess, at the broadest level, patterns in the linguistic and cultural ideologies of youth attending high schools in this area. By way of comparison, the same questionnaire will be administered at the other schools where this study takes place.